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Lio-Licious-Käseprodukte und weitere herzhafte Zutaten wurden ebenfalls gefriergetrocknet, um Ihnen eine einfach zu handhabende Zutat mit kräftigem Aroma und geringem Aufwand zu bieten. Gefriergetrockneter Käse kann so wie frischer Käse verwendet werden – in Saucen, beim Backen oder als Zutat. Unsere anderen herzhaften Zutaten, wie z. B. karamelisierte rote Zwiebeln oder Oliven, eignen sich hervorragend als Ergänzung zu Pasta, Brot oder Kartoffelgratin.

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Top taste!

A wonderful product. Bright and zingy with a fresh natural strawberry taste. Transforms any breakfast cereal into a fruity treat and it is first class in buttercream to give a natural strawberry flavour. Previously I treated myself to the expensive commercial mueslis/granolas which contained dried strawberry. Now I can make my own every day and up the quantity of the strawberry so it's really fruity. A wonderful find and free delivery!!

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Now a staple in my kitchen

The best thing to hit cereal since Bran Flakes!! I add it to all of my cereals and it's tops in porridge. The taste is fabulous - bursts of fresh natural raspberry and the colour is a vibrant red so it looks very appealing too. (Some dried products take on a dulled colour of the fresh version) I also buy the strawberry crumb but for my palette, the slightly tarter taste of the raspberry is best with cereals. These products have been a revelation for me with cereals.

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Speedy Delivery!

Just to say thank you very much for the speedy delivery our our order. Great service!

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