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Lio-Licious cheeses and savoury ingredients have also been freeze dried to give you an easy to handle, low-fuss, high-flavour ingredient. Freeze dried cheese can be used in the same way as fresh cheese – in sauces, in bakery or as an ingredient. As for our savoury ingredients such as caramelised red onion or olives, they are great to add to pasta, breads or even potato gratin.

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Top taste!

A wonderful product. Bright and zingy with a fresh natural strawberry taste. Transforms any breakfast cereal into a fruity treat and it is first class in buttercream to give a natural strawberry flavour. Previously I treated myself to the expensive commercial mueslis/granolas which contained dried strawberry. Now I can make my own every day and up the quantity of the strawberry so it's really fruity. A wonderful find and free delivery!!

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Now a staple in my kitchen

The best thing to hit cereal since Bran Flakes!! I add it to all of my cereals and it's tops in porridge. The taste is fabulous - bursts of fresh natural raspberry and the colour is a vibrant red so it looks very appealing too. (Some dried products take on a dulled colour of the fresh version) I also buy the strawberry crumb but for my palette, the slightly tarter taste of the raspberry is best with cereals. These products have been a revelation for me with cereals.

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Speedy Delivery!

Just to say thank you very much for the speedy delivery our our order. Great service!

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