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Gluten free, puffed rice treats with a raspberry and white chocolate glaze


200g dark chocolate 150g gluten free crisped rice 3 tbsp Lio-Liscious raspberry powder 150g white chocolate  


1️⃣Melt the dark chocolate, add the crisped rice to a large mixing bowl and then pour over the dark chocolate. Mix well until combined. 2️⃣Press the mixture into doughnut moulds (silicone works best) or for the squares, flatten into a baking tray. Cool for 30 mins. 3️⃣Once solid, turn out. Melt the white chocolate and divide in half. Add the raspberry powder to one half and mix well. 4️⃣Decorate as desired with a combination of the two colours! The perfect snack!   ℹ️Approx macros per serving (makes 24): 114 cals; 11g carbs; 6g fat; 2g protein. Recipe courtesy of #theglutenfreeblogger