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Freeze Dried Grated cheddar cheese

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100g Pouch

A classic kitchen staple which can be used in a wide range of dishes, our freeze dried grated cheddar cheese offers all the same taste and texture of regular cheddar cheese, just in a more versatile and easier to store form.

From home baking, to pizza, to macaroni and even more, there’s a lot you can do with freeze dried cheddar. Freeze drying doesn’t negatively affect the way our cheddar melts either, meaning it’s always perfect no matter what dish you’re making.

The long shelf life of freeze dried cheddar also gives you peace of mind knowing that it’s always ready to use when you need it. Whether it’s a quick snack on its own or a sudden craving for something that can add a twist on a favourite recipe, freeze dried cheddar is a fantastic resource for every kitchen.

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Ingredients and Allergens

Allergens listed in bold:

Milk, Rennet, Salt

 Nutrition per 100gNutrition per Package
Pkg. Dry Wt.(g) 100.00g 150.00g
Prepared Weight 250.00g 375.00g
Energy(Kcal) 618.00Kcal 927.00Kcal
Protein(g) 35.40g 53.10g
Carbohydrate(g) 5.40g 8.10g
From Sugars 0.30g 0.45g
Fat(g) 50.40g 75.60g
From Saturates 30.20g 45.30g
Salt(g) 2.40g 3.60g
Cooks in 10 minutes No
kcal Per Pack 927
Allergen Icons Gluten Free, Vegetarian
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