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Freeze Dried Whole raspberries

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35g pouch

A 7g serving provides 1 of your 5 A Day

Freeze-dried whole raspberries are a great way to shake up any breakfast with a healthy, wholesome and nutritious burst of flavour. Our Freeze-Dried Raspberries can be used for every meal of the day. From placing them in your cereal or using them to create a smoothie for breakfast, through to adding in a hint of additional flavour to an evening meal. Should you be feeling adventurous, our raspberries can even be used for desserts such as Cheesecakes or Chocolate making them an incredibly versatile addition to your kitchen.

With the same delicious taste and lasting longer than regular raspberries, our freeze-dried raspberries are an especially convenient kitchen staple. Our Freeze-Drying process ensures that all the flavour, nutrients and freshness of a normal raspberry is maintained the entire time, right through to the kitchen table.

Freeze-Dried Whole Raspberries

Freeze-Dried Raspberries have become a more widely acknowledged snack of todays generation with the number of people using them consistently increasing - and this isn't without reason. The health benefits they can provide you, as well as being a guaranteed long-lasting packet that you don't have to worry about using as soon as possible means that it is now easy, simple and even enjoyable to stay healthy. If you are wondering what kind of recipes you could use to incorporate these delicious additions, look at our Easter Carameleata with Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries, a delicious treat for everyone!

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Nutrition per 100g Nutrition per Package
Pkg. Dry Wt.(g) 100.00g 70.00g
Prepared Weight 715.00g 500.00g
Energy(Kcal) 346.00Kcal 242.20Kcal
Protein(g) 7.00g 4.90g
Carbohydrate(g) 69.50g 48.65g
From Sugars 38.90g 27.23g
Fat(g) 6.50g 4.55g
From Saturates 0.40g 0.28g
Salt(g) 0.25g 0.18g
Cooks in 10 minutes Yes
Allergen Icons Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
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